Your Kid is Likely to be a Wonderful Visual Learner Already

Your Kid is Likely to be a Wonderful Visual Learner Already
Problem solving

You may observe your child understanding information best when he SEES it. For him remembering and understanding takes place better through diagrams, graphs, charts, blackboard, and flashcards. He will prefer to see words written down. Instructions to do a task if written down will be better than being verbally told. He will carefully organize his learning materials and enjoys decorating his learning area. He will dislike distractions as he wants to work in a quiet place. 

What you can do
As a parent, provide him numerous interesting visual materials in various formats. Worksheets that are very colourful and attractive will interest him. You can teach your child to use colour to highlight ideas. While reading a chapter, let your child preview it first by scanning pictures, headings and so on. If you are teaching him the concept for example of one and many, he will prefer to have a picture to view.

The above strategies will help your visual learner to understand, remember, recollect and reproduce information as and when needed.