Your Kid Is Likely To Become Upset With 'This' Word

Your Kid Is Likely To Become Upset With 'This' Word

At this age, your child has been up since morning. He has had an action-packed day. He refused to nap after lunch. Come mid afternoon it is meltdown after meltdown. 'Honey', you say emphatically, 'I think you are tired. I think you should have a little rest before dinner'. Your child’s tantrum is complete with kicking, sobbing, and screams of “I am not tired!” 

What you need to know:

All those times, you told your child that he was tired, you upset him. Your child was tired but he was tired because his mind and body were working in an overdrive trying to keep up. Your kid does not recognize his tiredness yet. Sometimes, tiredness might be a symptom of something else, even if that something else is as simple as a bad dream that had your child awake through the night. It could also be that your child doesn't   recognize that he is tired. You know that as the day wears on, he becomes tired, and he gets frustrated more easily. However he might not have an understanding of this so, try not using 'tired'.