Your Kid is Likely to Display Pride in His Abilities & Possessions

Your Kid is Likely to Display Pride in His Abilities & Possessions
Social & Emotional
Self perception

Self-concept is actually an individual’s perception when they see the reaction of others. At this stage, your child goes through a tremendous amount of change in-terms of knowledge. He begins to have an extensive connect with the society and coming to terms with its parameters to live. And as a result, he is becoming extremely sensitive to the views of others in his social environments like his-parents, teachers and peers.

What you need to know

It is the age of the ego, as he allows himself to turn away from the family to the outside world, to become a member of the society. And this brings a certain sense of pride in him. Whenever he goes to school or to a friend’s birthday party, all he sees is that when somebody does something perfectly, say sing a song or dance to a tune, he gets lauded for his effort. It makes him aware of the fact that it is his ability that will take him to places, to gain more friends, more appreciation, etc.

Parents play a crucial role in this whole thing, as a child, all he could hear from you is that he has to score well in studies, in sports, in music, etc. You might have not suggested that he has to do it with all his heart and that only matters.

This constant pressure automatically reflects in your child and this display of pride comes from that fact only. So, if you want your child to stay away from this negativity of society, let him enjoy the process of learning without being compared to his peers. This will drive him to do better things in life with better perspective.