Your Kid Is Now Able To Balance On Her Toes For A Short Time

You have seen your little darling go through all the stages of learning to walk right from when she was crawling on her stomach. Your little bundle of joy is hopping, skipping, skidding and running all the time. Her body is well coordinated now and her muscles have also gained enough power to make it possible for her to do all kinds of activities. She is also able to balance on her toes for some time. Your Kid Is Now Able To Balance On Her Toes For A Short Time

What you need to know

Balancing on toes is very different from balancing on two feet. This is possible only after the body has learnt to balance and the leg muscles have enough power to hold the position for some time. Your child can now hop on her toes and can then hold that position for a couple of seconds. Do not interfere or get scared that she might fall and get hurt. Let her explore her limits and learn from each act.




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