Your Kid Is Now Able To Carry Out His Daily Routines

It’s a wonderful time to train your little one to be self-reliant as he is excited to do things all by himself. Routine activities like going to the toilet, brushing teeth,dressing and undressing, packing bag for school, keeping toys in the toy basket, etc. are tasks that he can do independently. He will want to take bath on his own. However, he will need help with washing body and hair. Stay nearby and set the bathwater ready. Teach him how to go about doing each task and once he has mastered, let him do on his own.Your Kid Is Now Able To Carry Out His Daily Routines

What you need to know

Encourage your little one as he does the task. Don’t look for perfection. On the contrary, praise him for the efforts. He will be thrilled. You are laying the foundation of raising an independent and confident child by teaching him life skills at an early age.  

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