Your Kid Is Now Able To Use Possessive Nouns In Speech

You must have noticed that your little darling is now speaking more clearly and correctly. Her vocabulary is increasing in size and so would be the complexity of sentence formation. Some grammatical markers like nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc. are now part of your child’s speech and are being used correctly at the right place. As your angel is gaining more understanding of all the things that are hers, she would be using more possessive pronouns in her speech. So she would say ‘my shoes’, ‘this is mine,' ‘these are his colors,’ etc. Your Kid Is Now Able To Use Possessive Nouns In Speech

What you need to know

During the pre-school years, your child’s speech will become clearer and she would gain mastery over many grammatical concepts. Language and speech will continue to develop based on the level of interaction your child is having with elders as well as other kids her age. Talk to your child like you would talk to an adult and she would learn the correct sentence formations.

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