Your Kid Is Now Open to Positive Feedback, Verbally & Non-Verbally

At this age, your angel will seek praise for her school work and all the good things she does.

What you need to know

During this growing period, your angel will look forward to your appreciations and applauses for her captivating words and actions. When your sweetie pie answers the door and greets you ‘Happy evening’ with a big smile, just a lift, a hug and a kiss from you will mean so much to her.

Your Kid Is Now Open to Positive Feedback, Verbally & Non-Verbally

You will enjoy the happiness on her face. Encourage and appreciate every good move of hers by a smile, clapping hands and saying the magical words ‘I love you so much’. Try connecting rewards for responsibilities like, asking her to help you, by setting the table for dinner and in turn you will read a bedtime story for her. Encouraging her effort over outcome will help her to develop a growth mind-set and that will strengthen her self-belief in her capacity to achieve.

At the same time, avoid overpraise or meaningless praise and make her understand that she will be acknowledged and appreciated only for her worthy and good deeds.

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