Your Kid is Now Ready for New Friendships and More Sharing

At this age, having new friends provides support and promotes mental health and wellbeing in your child. Children’s friendships are also very important for their social and emotional development. In fact, after family bonds, it is with friends that your child can learn the art of sharing properly.Your Kid is Now Ready for New Friendships and More Sharing

What you need to know

Through friendship, children learn how to relate with others. They develop social skills as they teach each other how to be good friends. Most children want to have friends. Children who have friends are more likely to be self-confident and perform better academically at school than those without friends. When children have difficulty in making friends or in keeping them, it often leads to feeling lonely and unhappy with themselves. Feeling rejected by others may lead to significant distress. Learning positive friendship skills can help children socially so they feel happier and more confident.

Encouraging friendships

Your two-year-old shouts, grabbing a doll from their playmate. No! - your child yells as their visitor picks up their favorite ball and rolls it across the floor. As far as you're concerned, your child is acting selfishly and being bossy, and if they keep it up your child is likely to end up friendless. As exasperating as these episodes can be, try to be philosophical about your child. Two year olds are beginning to understand possession, and they are developing a strong sense of self, which make 'mine' and 'no' two of their favorite words.

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