Your Kid is Now Ready to Learn Some Counting!

Your Kid is Now Ready to Learn Some Counting!

Your pre-schooler has reached that age when they have to start to learn a lot of things. They have transformed from an infant to an active kid. Before they start school you must act as their teacher to make them learn some important topics. The first of which is couting numbers!

What you need to know
The number system is the most primary section of education one can provide to the child. It is important for your kid to learn counting at an early age. To make the training process easy you can use new and innovative ways so that the kid finds it fun to learn.

Use a thread and cereal loops as the initial items. Now demonstrate on how to pass a single cereal loop over the thread and pronounce ‘One.' Once the child grasps this then continue with the other loop and pronounce ‘Two.’ In this way you can start the training. The other option is to make number cut-outs using which the child can visually observe the figure and simultaneously you make them learn which number it is. There are several number games and puzzles available in the market which can also help you in this task. This is an amazing way of boosting his learning skills.

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