Your Kid Loves The Sight Of Sand Pits- Is There A Benefit Out Of It?

At this age, it is very common to see your kid getting drawn to the sand pit every time she goes to a park. She is intrigued by sand and how it feels between her fingers. In a world filled with electronic gadgets and games, the sand pit is one place that connects your child to something natural. Children of all age groups can be seen digging, building, sifting, pouring and creating in the sand. Different age groups learn different things in sand and it is a great place of learning for every child.

What you need to know

Let your child run fingers and toes through sand and enjoy its texture and feel. Sand pits are a great way to keep the children occupied while working on their muscles. Digging, pouring, scooping, lifting buckets and sifting sand makes your child use her upper body muscles. Its improving her strength, flexibility and precision. The lower body is also getting the work out as she would be doing repeated squats while playing. Squatting improves the flexibility of the leg muscles. Your child will need to make more effort in walking in sand then the bare ground and so will build better leg muscles.Your Kid Loves The Sight Of Sand Pits- Is There A Benefit Out Of It?

Additionally, you can also give her different sand toys to help her smaller muscles work out in the play. This improves muscle control, hand-eye coordination and eye for precision. 

So let your little one indulge in the sand pits and build her physical strength creatively with nature.




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