Your Kid May Be Able To Balance On Roller Skates

Your kid is a bundle of energy around this age. He will find out various ways to keep himself active without any sign of fatigue or tiredness. He will be testing his muscle strength and coordination in every way possible. 

What you need to know

At this age his gross motor skills are becoming more refined. The coordination between his small and large muscles are also developing. You will find him getting actively involved in all types of games and activities. He will be seen running, hopping, skipping and jumping from one place to another without any fear of height. He has now better balance and coordination while moving around and playing. If you have brought him roller skates, he will be seen balancing and skating very easily. He can also run and kick a ball at the same time, even get comfortable while taking swimming lessons, and also ride a bike without the training wheels.

Your Kid May Be Able To Balance On Roller Skates

In order to encourage large motor skills development, it is essential to give plenty of opportunity to your kid to practice daily. Give him enough space and time to run, play, jump and balance. Encourage him to go out and play.




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