Your Kid May Be Struggling To Find Solutions To Few Problems Now

Your Kid May Be Struggling To Find Solutions To Few Problems Now
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Currently, it is that phase in your kid’s life when he needs to learn about problem solving skills. He may face various difficulties in life and he needs to know how to tackle them.

What you need to know 

Most kids aren’t able to figure out that they are facing any difficulty, but they try and run from the situation. For example- if a kid is bullied at school then he might opt to stay away from school. There is a requirement for the little one to understand the issue and find a solution for the issue. You need to sit with the child and make him feel comfortable so that he shares his reason for discomfort.

The next step should be to brainstorm with the kid about different ways to cure the problem. Let the kid think on his own so that he can refine his cognitive ability. Ask questions so that he can argue and find new solutions. Do not let the child lack in confidence as it might make him more vulnerable. Make the kid learn from natural consequences. Offer a pretend situation to him so that he can take a decision without pressure. It would make him learn a lot about problem solving.

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