Your Kid May Display A Fine Line Between Empathy And Being Rude

Your Kid May Display A Fine Line Between Empathy And Being Rude

Your kid is in a position to show empathy to others now. However some kids are still not showing empathy and seem to be rude. They do not want to reply to a “Hi” or “Hello” and even if they do respond it is without any emotions and others feel it is rude.

What you need to know
In later years they might understand what empathy is, but you can build up this emotion in them from now. Saying thank you, sorry, wishing others should be repeatedly done in front of the kids for them to follow it. When they show that feeling recognize it and let them know how much you appreciate it. Similarly if they do not show empathy then let them know that it is not correct and to respond properly next time. Try to name the feelings they express to some kids; when they recognize the feeling and the reaction you provide to it, respond positively next time.

It has also been seen though by nature some kids are empathetic, most of the time they learn it by seeing, experiencing and by teaching them. Empathy means that the kid has to understand other’s feelings. Once they understand it, it is easy for them to show empathy. As a 7-8 year old is slowly developing the nature of understanding other’s perspective, being in their shoes, they definitely would learn also to be empathetic. Note also that empathy is shown if there are similarities between the kid and others to whom you expect them to show empathy, if they understand that they can also be in such situations or already have been in such situations.




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