Your Kid May Hate Going To School Now

Your Kid May Hate Going To School Now
Cognitive Development

Your preschooler might love going to school, or might be making all kinds of excuses to miss school. If he often complains of stomach ache, tooth ache and fakes every bodily discomfort then you need to find the root cause of the problem.

What you need to know

There is always more to the regular excuses your child might be making to miss school. One of the common reasons for these excuses is Separation Anxiety - that is he does not like to be away from you. Separation anxiety is not something that only little babies feel - even children as old as 5-6 years get anxious when they are away from the security blanket of their parents. Try to get him to tell you a little more about the school when you are playing with her. Feeling safe, loved and connected will encourage him to open up more.

Another common reason for hating school is fear from his early childhood days and school may exacerbate an old sense that they are not safe, or welcome, or not in charge. If you see a sudden onset of this problem then instead of forcing the child to attend school, try to find out more about the school day. Ask pointed questions to find out triggers like peer pressure, bullying, academic struggles, difficulty in making friends etc. Once you find the problem, it will be easier to work out the solution with your child.