Your Kid May Have Trouble Concentrating In School

A lot of factors affect your child’s concentration. His cognitive, motor and language abilities along with his varying moods effect his ability to concentrate. At this age, he wants to spend a good amount of time socializing. Also, there is a growing sense of awareness in him to do well academically. These changes can also impact his focus. 

If its an activity of his interest, he will be involved for a long time while a new or challenging activity may interest him for a short time or can even lead to avoidance.

Your Kid May Have Trouble Concentrating In School

What you need to know

Talk to your child’s teacher and get to know how your child participates in class discussions, on timely submission of his work, etc. 

Setting and following a good after school schedule, avoiding distractions like TV, loud music and taking scheduled breaks will help your child focus better.  

Keep in mind what interests your child. Provide opportunities which will help him develop various skills and avoid rushing in to complete the task. 

Get your child involved in group projects. For instance, you can call his friends to bake a cake or pizza. This helps, especially when your child shows less interest in trying out new and challenging things. Once he gains confidence, he will exhibit better interest and focus next time. 




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