Your Kid May Need You To Boost Her Confidence

Your kid has now started with school. She has grown into a smart child who can express and emote confidently. In school, there could be several occasions when she needs to present herself in front of her class or even the whole school, like for a performance. She could feel shy or get scared at such events. It is your duty to instill a good level of confidence in her and make her a star performer! 

What you can do

You can start this practice at home by making your little one read or recite poems in a strong voice. Teach her to look into your eyes and impart the content. The next step should be to make her present her piece in front of family members. She might hesitate a bit but be there to encourage her. A shoulder hold or a pat on the back might get her charged up. If your kid has a special talent of dancing or singing then make her join a proper training centre. This would further help her build her confidence.Your Kid May Need You To Boost Her Confidence

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