Your Kid May Resist Afternoon Naps Now But They Are Necessary

Your Kid May Resist Afternoon Naps Now But They Are Necessary
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Your toddler’s routines are changing with time, however, afternoon nap is not only important for you as you get a couple of spare hours but is also important for your child. Although many children this age resist taking their afternoon nap, studies have shown that they are important for the physical, mental and emotional development of your child. In fact most paediatricians suggest that you continue with your child’s afternoon nap at least till the age of 4 years.

What you need to know
Researches have shown that both day and night sleep helps in the development of children. Kids who take their afternoon nap are seen to have more attention span and are less fussy and irritable. Their afternoon nap does not interfere with their night sleep. In fact children who take a nap in the day are known to sleep more peacefully and longer at night.

Advantages of afternoon naps
This is also the age when your child is most active. The body needs rest to rejuvenate and a afternoon nap helps in the same. You may notice that children this age who do not nap are more anxious, restless, disinterested and have lesser problem solving ability. This is because the brain is tired.
Well rested toddlers take more interest in the things around them, are better adjusted and are better able to express their feelings. Over time this shapes their emotional make-up. Tired and irritable toddlers can have lifelong mood-related problems.