Your Kid May Stutter When Nervous

By now, your kid has made up his own social arena and would be enjoying in it. He would often try to make and speak in a coherent and grammatically correct sentence, and in order to get it correct he may stutter.

What you need to know:  

At this point, you would have noticed that your child is socially active. He may get stuck while communicating in the middle which is normal and it is referred as developmental stuttering and which is a positive sign at this stage. He might get nervous, uncomfortable, angry, upset if someone doesn't give attention to what he is saying that makes him stutter, excitement too can result in the same. 

Your Kid May Stutter When Nervous

As a parent you should not worry, if stuttering is mild and related to situations like these, there is no need to visit a specialist. He will stop stuttering by the end of the month or maximum by 3-6 months. If you find your kid blinking his eyes, grimace, making faces, or clenching his fists while stuttering, and if he is forming patterns like repetition, prolongation, blocks, you can visit your pediatrician. However, refrain from using high pitch while communicating with him. Keep your voice soft and relaxed and your speech slow, along with this maintain eye contact, smile and be patient.




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