Your Kid May Throw A Tantrum Or Become Sad If He's Losing A Game

At this stage, your child throws tantrums, loses temper or becomes very sad if he is losing a game. It is common with children in this age group. Yelling, throwing things or crying is not an uncommon behavior at this age. Your child’s tantrums are all about perceived lack of control of his surroundings and that is the only way to express his frustration with the world around him. 

What you need to know

Your Kid May Throw A Tantrum Or Become Sad If He's Losing A Game

At this point you need to understand that the tantrum your son is throwing is not on you and try not to personalize it. You can curtail those tantrums even before they begin though it may not be possible all the time. 

Give your child some control over his life: Sometimes your son wants independence from you. So you can give him a choice in his daily activities like whether he would like to brush teeth first or would like to have a bath first. Don’t give an open ended choice like will brush your teeth? Usually, the answer will be a 'no.'

Think of ways to distract him: At the age of 2-3 years its easy to change the focus of your child's attention as compared to kids this age. If you are at home divert your son to a new task or a different toy or game. When you feel a tantrum is on the way, give him something colorful like crayons, pictures, markers or take him out show him the stars, sun, moon, birds etc. something that is related to nature which you cannot buy him. You can also divert him by singing in a steady, cheerful voice. Try not to lose your temper as your child may not really understand how to react and might increase his tantrums.

Attention factor: Most of the times your son will get frustrated if he does not get enough attention from you. Spend half an hour to one hour every day with him play games, puzzles, tell stories, go for a walk, etc. This will lead to a positive behavior and make him strive for better behavior in future.




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