Your Kid Must Now Get Used To Daily Baths

At this age, your child is very active both inside and outside the house. They are rolling, jumping, climbing and sliding all the time. Their evening playtime in the park is sacrosanct for them when they play in the sand, grass, swings and slides. As your child gets more and more exposed to the outside world, chances of coming in contact with dust and germs are more, and this is why a daily bath is required.Your Kid Must Now Get Used To Daily Baths

What you need to know 
Just like eating and sleeping is important for your child, in the same way being clean is also important. Many children this age protest about getting into the bath and then resist getting out. They would complain of soap in the eyes, water being too cold etc just to avoid wasting their time in the bath. They feel that they have so many more interesting things to do than take a bath, but it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that fixed bath times are maintained.

Stick to a daily bath routine
As parents, do not try to cut corners and give a miss to baths unless really required. Of course if your child is not well or it is too cold outside and you fear that the child will catch a cold then you might want to skip the bath. For all the other days, it is best to stick to daily bath routine.
Some parents feel that a bath in the night is good while others prefer the morning bath routine. This is absolutely up to you and your preference as long as you find a convenient time that suits both you and your child. Also remember that this is a habit forming time so a good hygiene habit instilled at this time will last for a lifetime.

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