Your Kid Must Socialise More Now

This is an important stage for your child’s growth and development. This is the time when they begin to socialize, go to school, write and learn. It is a great period for bonding as well, when you can enjoy hundreds of activities with your little one and help them develop, refine and hone their fine motor skills. At the same time, these activities can help your child be more imaginative and develop a wider perception of the world.

What you need to know

One of the finest activities to play with your child is beading. Use colored pasta shapes, shells, rice, pebbles, buttons and wooden letters or anything you like for threading and beading purposes. You can make necklaces and artwork, weave thread around a cardboard cutout and prepare something that will add a decorative element to your home.Your Kid Must Socialise More Now

Or try building 3D models using Lego and cut-out sets, which is a fun activity. You and your little one can even make patterns with shells or snip and doodle on sticky stained glass windows (those little pieces of glasses that are colored and kids’ friendly). Or just stack cups!

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