Your Kid Needs Play Time For Faster Brain Development And Learning

Your Kid Needs Play Time For Faster Brain Development And Learning

Your little one needs to go out and play in the park for her physical development. Do not undermine the importance of her playtime for her brain development. In fact, she will learn more in the playground than in the classroom.

What you need to know 

Scientists who work on how a child’s brain develops say that the experiences that a child has during the play sessions changes the connections between the neurons in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This is the control centre of the brain and is responsible for controlling emotions, planning and problem solving. These skills that your child will learn in the playground will prepare your child’s brain for all future experiences.

By giving your child opportunities for free play in the park with no rules, coaches and umpires, you are allowing your child’s individuality to grow and develop. Children will have to work out their own rules, learn to negotiate with other kids, try to get a consensus and make adjustments. These are some things that your child cannot learn sitting at home or even in the structured environment of a playschool. The new connections formed by the neurons during the play sessions also teach your child the skills to navigate complex social interactions with other children.




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