Your Kid Needs To Be Aware About Bullying Now

Your Kid Needs To Be Aware About Bullying Now

Your kid is now going to school and would be interacting with peers and other kids. This is also the stage where they may face bullying and need support and guidance from parents. Hence, it is essential that they are aware of the concept of bullying fully.

What you need to know

Talk to your kid about the happenings of the school and of the day in general. Your kid might come across bullying on the way to and from school or with neighbours or within school. Even if they have not faced such things it is good to talk to them and make them aware of what is acceptable and what not from others. Guide them on how to react when they are bullied - like informing a teacher at school or getting help from other elders or parents at home - and how to raise voice when they see somebody else is being bullied.

Let them know that asking for help when bullied is no matter of shame and being friends with a victim is like supporting/helping them to cope with it. To know if your kid is a victim pay attention for the signs of change in behaviour – anxiety, withdrawal, change in appetite and change in their routine activities or going/coming from school or classes.




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