Your Kid Needs To Foster Good Sportsmanship Now

Your Kid Needs To Foster Good Sportsmanship Now
Muscle Strength

At this stage, more than winning or losing a game, your second grader will be interested in talking about the catches or hits he got while playing. But as he grows older, he will be more focused on winning than having fun. Teaching him the appropriate behavior before, during and after a sporting event is vital. By talking early to your child about good sportsmanship, he will get an understanding that winning is not everything in a game and also how to lose gracefully.

What you need to do

Before any game, talk to your child to be polite, not to show off while playing, follow rules, listen to his coach and cheer his team mates. From your side, keeping your comments positive is very important. While your child is playing, shout words of encouragement rather than giving directions. Once the competition is over, ask your child," How did he feel during the game"?

If he is weak on a particular skill, like throwing or catching, offer to work on it together before the next game. You can also discuss with his coach privately on improvising his skills required to play better in the next game. If your child loses a game and is upset, give him time to calm down and try to praise the good things he did while playing the game. For example, he and his team lost a basket ball game by one point. Talk about the two important baskets made by him that got them close to victory.