Your Kid Needs To Learn Good Behaviour With People Outside Immediate Family

Your Kid Needs To Learn Good Behaviour With People Outside Immediate Family

Your baby has grown into a child who can manage most of his stuff without your assistance. He can now understand emotions in a better way. Hence, he must now behave well with people outside his immediate family too, for instance, with his neighbours.

What you need to know 
This is the age when most kids fall vulnerable to negative behaviour and thoughts. You as a mother need to keep a check on your kid’s actions and behaviour so that he doesn’t become a bad person. Kindness should be drilled into the child. Make sure your kid is not unfair to others and is a helpful soul.

What you can do
You can teach the act of kindness by taking the neighbours as an example. Greet your neighbours whenever you meet them. Let the kid follow the same. A smile can do wonders and this lesson must be taught to the kid. If someone falls sick in the adjacent house then visit them with flowers and good food. Ask the child to make a card for the sick person. You can even ask the kid to carry their newspaper to the house which would be counted as a kind act.




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