Your Kid Needs Your Attention Now!

Your Kid Needs Your Attention Now!

At this stage, you are challenged by your child’s needy behavior; his friends, and his siblings are tolerant, but only up to a point; and you are often at your wits’ end. Your child is always acting out the adage ‘negative attention is better than no attention at all.’

What you need to know:

At, home, your child misbehaves is because he needs attention. Your child feels inadequate unless he is constantly at the center of things. Your child thinks, “I have no place unless people pay attention to me.” Your child’s lack of self esteem fuels his craving for attention. Make sure you spend enough time with him so that he doesn't try to gain your attention by doing something wrong. Speak to him often, it will make him feel as if he is very important to you.

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