Your Kid Now Enjoys His Friends' Company & May Have Best Friends

Your child has now developed empathy. She understands others' feelings are important and values friendship. How her friends react and form opinions matter to her. She knows it's important to be fair and follow rules while playing. You may find her having one or few close friends.

What you need to know

Your child will share her interests, school matters, hobbies, etc with her close friends. She will also get to hear from them on similar topics. It may happen she becomes susceptible to peer pressure. That’s normal as a part of growing. Talk to your child on how to nurture friendship which will help her handle peer pressure.

Your Kid Now Enjoys His Friends' Company & May Have Best Friends

Invest in age appropriate books that talk about friendship. Also, playing organized sports teaches her how to be fair, follow rules, share, take turns, engage in cooperative play, etc. which are crucial skills needed to sustain friendship.

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