Your Kid Now Has A New Way of Playing

Your Kid Now Has A New Way of Playing
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, your fast growing cutie pie is all set for more social play, that is playing around with her friends, rather than just her own toys. This transition happens slowly and social play increases dramatically from 2 to 6 years of age. By the way, social play doesn't mean bidding goodbye to her toys, it is about playing with her toys, simultaneously playing and interacting with her other friends.

What you need to know

This type of play can be physical, incorporate objects or language, be pretend, or include all of these aspects. Rough-and-tumble play, including play fighting and chasing, can look like real fighting, but in play fighting children are often laughing, kicks and blows are not hard or do not make contact, and it is usually done with friends.

Object play

Object play refers to playful use of objects such as building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, cars, dolls, etc. With babies, this play is mouthing objects and dropping them. With children, this is sometimes just manipulating the objects, but sometimes involves pretend play. Any benefits of object play need to be balanced against those of instruction, bearing in mind the ages of the children, the nature of the task, and whether learning is for specific skills, or a more general inquisitive and creative attitude.

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