Your Kid Now Tries To Understand Other's Point Of View & Needs

Now your child engages in cooperative play where he takes into consideration others' opinions and perspectives too. He will work towards being a good partner in play. In case of conflicts, he will reason out, but will also listen to his friend’s views, and try to resolve the differences and continue friendship.  This is because of the newly found understanding that friendship calls for mutual trust, taking turns, sharing and having good manners. He will be more mature as his cognitive and emotional development is happening rapidly at this age.Your Kid Now Tries To Understand Other's Point Of View & Needs

What you need to know

Praise your child when you see him engaging in cooperative play or when he understands other’s feelings. For instance, he may see his younger sibling crying and help him by giving his favourite toy. 

In case of conflict, help him see the perspective of each participant in the conflict. Guide him to resolve the conflict either by sharing, taking turns, both sides apologizing, etc. In case he is at fault, tell him to apologize to his friend and move on. 

Read books to him that talk about values related to friendship. 




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