Your Kid Now Will Make Strong Bonds Other Than Family

By this age, your kid will learn to make strong bonds other than family members. Your child makes new friends and gains new skills, which will enable him to become more independent and enhance his individuality. As soon as your child involves with peers and adults outside families, his social relationship and role changes dramatically. He would prefer to play with friends with the same gender. This is an exciting time for your child as he gains a new sense of independence. His friend circle expands and he becomes less dependent on family.Your Kid Now Will Make Strong Bonds Other Than Family

What you need to know

Your child is developing socially and is learning how to make and keep friends. Encourage your child to join a group and make friends. At this stage, it would be really great if you organize activity, classes or engage your child in any sport with his friends. You can also put your child in a dance class. Playing and interacting with other children, as well as some adults, provide opportunities for friendship, social interactions, conflicts and resolutions. To make sure that your child’s development is on the right track, you as a parent should get yourself involved with your child’s friends. Encourage your child to do the things he really wants to do. He will still require adult attention and require recognition to help boost his self esteem.

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