Your Kid Should Now Learn About Personal Safety For Self-Dependency

Your Kid Should Now Learn About Personal Safety For Self-Dependency

This is the age when your child travels to school regularly and interacts with different people. She should be taught about personal safety as well as the safety of her stuff. You need to be her guide so that she develops an alert nature.

What you can do

You can begin by making sure that the kid is careful with her bag and other items that she carries to school. Teach her to shut her bag every time she moves away from her seat. The most important lesson would be to make the kid understand that talking to strangers is a bad thing. Teach her that she shouldn’t talk to or take anything from an unknown person. Ask her to stay close to the school’s premises when the session ends.

There are a variety of learning videos that can be shown to the kid so that the little one can acquire positive information about security. You can do a quick check on her by taking her to the market and observing if she talks to any unknown person or not. These lessons about security are very important so that the kid can grow capable and self-dependent.




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