Your Kid Still Needs 11-13 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep

Your Kid Still Needs 11-13 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep
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As your child reaches this age, he might no longer want to take his afternoon nap. There are a few lucky mothers whose kids will continue with their siesta for maybe one more year and then they will stop too. There are many things that keep your little one occupied and they are just not willing to lie down on the bed, close their eyes for some time and miss out on anything. So, for children this age, a good night’s sleep becomes very important.

What you need to know 

Just like proper food and exercise are important for your child’s growth, proper sleep also contributes to his physical and mental growth. Your child still needs at least 11-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. Sleep is like a brain recharge for children that will keep their mind alert and calm the next day. After a full day of excitement wherein your child experiences and learns so many new things, sleep is that one exercise that will help the brain cells relax. The information collected throughout the day will get sorted and stored in the proper places in the brain. Proper sleep will also increase his attention span and memory storing capacity. After a night of restful sleep, your child will wake up physically relaxed and mentally alert to learn new things.