Your Kid Thrives On Praises Now

Your Kid Thrives On Praises Now
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Your child is entering a phase where she is looking for positivity around her. Anything that is encouraging, she will grab it with both hands. As a parent of a nearly six year old, you need to find out ways to make her environment positive.

What you need to know 
There are several things around you that you might find to make your child happy. But one thing that works for any child is praise! Every kid thrives on praise and your child is no different. Who doesn't like being praised...you, me and practically everyone in this world is hungry for little dollops of praise we get from any corner. So, just think about a child who understands only the language of love, what 'praise' can do for him/her!

Praise sends positive energy to kids at several levels. Psychologists believe that a child who is praised now and then, grows to be a very confident and secure adult. Praise stimulates positivity in the child. It gives him/her a sense of importance and also a feeling of self worth. The child automatically takes more interest in what he/she does. Not only this, the child is more careful about his/her actions and does his/her work in a way that will garner her more and more appreciation. Praise becomes a driving force in her life.

However, too much of anything is bad. There must be restraint in anything that you do. Too much praise can also make your kid over-confident, snobbish and rash. This again will jeopardize her existing good qualities in a big way. So, what is important is to identify the areas where you can praise and appreciate your kid in a way that will make her a better person each day.

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