Your Kid will Have A More Expressive Vocabulary Now

With growing vocabulary, at this stage, your child has slowly started having a word bank that is more expressive in nature. Developing vocabulary is an integral part of language training. Any child who is learning a new language must have a good stock of vocabulary to make it happen. However, for a five year old, developing an expressive vocabulary becomes imperative.

What you need to know
Child psychologists believe that a child who is able to express himself well in terms of content and words have a greater sense of understanding. It is extremely important for a child to express himself well. Whether it is within the family or on a social stage, inability to express his thoughts in the most comprehensive way will do more harm than good for any five year old.

What you need to do
As a parent you must ensure that the child learns and uses words that express his thoughts loud and clear. (eg. “I have a sharp and burning pain in my stomach” is a much better expression than “I have pain in my stomach”.) Such simple yet important incidents in life can be dealt with well by both the child and the parent only when both express and understand each other well.Your Kid will Have A More Expressive Vocabulary Now

Apart from this, from the cognitive point of view, expressive vocabulary helps a child to express his imagination in writing and speaking. There is definitely an enhancement in their confidence and self esteem that works like magic. So, encourage your child to develop expressive vocabulary rather than sticking to the general one. A good vocabulary is a virtue many don't have. So nurture it well!

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