Your Kid Will Now Ask Higher Level Of Questions

At this stage, your kid might be able to communicate very confidently. He might now hold daily conversations very easily and might also ask you a lot of questions which generally disturb him. Your sweetie pie is 5 years old and now he might enjoy learning all new words that are coming to him.

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your child is not so little now and might start bringing unwelcome words home even without understanding their meaning. Some of the words are even offensive to you, but you need to explain this in a very calm and humble manner. He might also start asking you some complex questions as'what would happen if?' And also might be curious to know the answer to it. He might enjoy telling you what has happened at school and might tell you in a story form. Be patient and humble to him at all times as it is not easy to answer all those tricky questions that are coming to you. This is a great way to understand that his cognitive and language skills are developing. It is also a positive sign that he is heading towards better development.

Your Kid Will Now Ask Higher Level Of Questions




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