Your Kid Will Now Draw Recognizable Pictures Which May Not Be Proportionate

At this stage, your kid would have been enjoying her drawing books and colors, and would be spending a lot of time with it. She might observe her surroundings and keep those images in her head. 

What you need to know:

At this point, you would have noticed that your kid is getting better in coloring skills within a given structure, it is now much more prominent and bold. Her understanding of the outer world must have developed and whatever she sees around in her daily life, would be coming up on paper especially a person (with a head, eyes, mouth, nose, arms and legs), a tree, a house, her family, car, bike, but they might not be proportionate. 

Your Kid Will Now Draw Recognizable Pictures Which May Not Be Proportionate

Now, some objects start to sit on baseline of your kid's mind. These images are depicted 'as seen', so there is no perspective or scale involved, thus her drawings will not to be proportionate. However, refrain from any kind of scolding as her drawings are not perfect, which is completely normal at her age, don't try to correct her. Encourage her to engage more with types of colors.




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