Your Kid Will Now Explore Reasoning Behind How Various Things Work


Your bundle of joy is highly curious and will ask you questions to satisfy his need to know. He may ask you questions like how do things get cold when kept in fridge, how do birds fly , how does the fan work, etc. Giving the answers and encouraging him to ask freely will boost his confidence, add to his learning and promote inquisitiveness.  Above all, he will find immense joy in sharing the knowledge gained from others and will explain things back to you.

Your Kid Will Now Explore Reasoning Behind How Various Things Work

What you need to know

Give your child undivided attention as he asks you questions. 

Rather than giving him the answer directly, let him seek the answer. You can say, “Let’s find out.” You can search in the net, refer books, etc. This way he builds problem solving skills which makes him more confident and independent.

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