Your Kid Will Now Have More Control and Rhythm

This is the phase when your child is getting ready for overall development of his body or simply for development of gross motor skills. Well, then you must be ready for all the hustle and bustle around, because now he has more control over his body and knows how to get things accustomed to the rhythm of life.

What you need to know

Don’t get surprised if your child is crawling all around the house, or spreading his pretend wings moving across here and there. It’s the time when your child will develop his fine motor skills and become more energetic and active at the same time. At home you can encourage him to participate actively in such activities.

Your Kid Will Now Have More Control and Rhythm

You can also take him to the park and tell him to jump or run. Just make him feel really comfortable and engage him in as many such activities as you can. Besides, do take care of how actively your child is doing the same in schools. So let your child explore the best of fine motor skills and become a more active and energetic individual.




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