Your Kid Will Now Have The Ability To Tolerate Less Detailed Directions

Give your little darling some details on how you plan for her to spend her day and she can now fill in the little details on her own. You no longer have to spell out everything for her as she now has a better understanding of her likes and dislikes. She is now more independent, self-confident, creative and a bit of problem solver herself. This helps her handle situations better.

What you need to know

Your Kid Will Now Have The Ability To Tolerate Less Detailed Directions

Sequencing is a concept that your little baby is now well aware of. She can remember and act in a step by step manner when need be. Her cognitive capacities are better developed and she is in a better position to spell out and even plan what she wants to do. Even if you give her little bit of instructions on how to behave in a party or outing, she will not panic and will be able to handle the rest of the details herself. She might ask you to fill her up further in case she does not feel confident.

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