Your Kid Will Now Learn To Question About Various Things

Your bundle of joy is exploring the world around him. He still prefers structured activities but with complex thinking abilities and growing concentration skills, memory and independence, he wants to take on new roles. In order to ensure he is doing a task the right way, he will ask questions.

What you need to know

Provide opportunities to your child which encourages asking questions including open ended ones. For instance, while playing scrabble, if your child makes a word, try asking him its meaning, use in sentence, etc. 

Your Kid Will Now Learn To Question About Various Things

As your child asks questions, please give your undivided attention as you listen. This gives him the message that his queries are valued, which boosts his self-esteem. 

There are many educational resources available on varied topics like books, videos, websites, which can be supplemented to further your child’s interest and clarify his understanding of concepts. 

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