Your Kid Will Now Rely On You For Guidance

Your little baby is now much more independent but she still looks up to you for guidance at every step. You play the most important role in your kid’s life and will continue to do so till the time she hits her teens and friends become more important in her life. You are the authority figure in her life and your approval and appreciation is what she seeks at all times. Every step of the way she will be seeking your guidance and you should be ready to hold her hand whenever needed. However, over protectiveness and over involvement is also not advised as it will hamper her personality growth.Your Kid Will Now Rely On You For Guidance

What you need to know

As parents we play a huge role in shaping up our kids' personalities. How confident, self-reliant and independent they become as adults will all depend on how we handle these formative years. When our kids come to us for guidance, we should support them in all their decisions rather than thrash their ideas and come out with completely different ideas as this will make them loose confidence in their own creative thought process.




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