Your Kid Will Now Show Attachment Towards Other Adults Like Teachers & Relatives

Now that you are over with toilet training and other difficult tasks related to parenting, it is time to sit back and savor the sweet feeling of being a parent. Your child is growing at a fast pace and you will continue to see a lot of physical, psychological and emotional change in your little darling, so enjoy each moment. Now is the time when your child will start forming bonds with other adults too. Your Kid Will Now Show Attachment Towards Other Adults Like Teachers & Relatives

What you need to know

Till now you and your partner were the only adults that your child was feeling safe with but now others will also start having an important place in his life. Grandparents, teachers, relatives, other care givers of your child and even neighbors will become very important in his life. He will get really attached to them and would love to spend time with them. He might even experience separation anxiety from those with whom he gets to spend a lot of time and will feel sad in their absence.




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