Your Kid Will Now Want To Please His Peers & Adults

At this age, your child develops an innate need for approval from peers and adults. As your child starts her school, she begins to enjoy socializing and having a friend circle or a peer group. You will also notice a shift in your child's inclination towards her peers. Your child may also start believing that information she gets from her peers is true, even if it is not.

What you need to know:

Your Kid Will Now Want To Please His Peers & Adults

Although your child is moving towards peers as helpers and confidants, she is seeking affirmation, comfort and relationships from family members, teachers and other significant adults. Even though your child is still learning to differentiate between good & bad and right & wrong, she tries to do what is right either because she is seeking approval from adults or she is scared of the consequences of doing something wrong. Keeping in mind all of this, you should make sure that your child does not turn into a ‘people-pleaser’. Such kids are always seeking approval of peers or adults for self assurance. This will do more harm than good and have a negative impact on her personality and character in future.

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