Your Kid Will Start Exhibiting The Quality Of Sharing

Your Kid Will Start Exhibiting The Quality Of Sharing

At this point, your child’s intellectual development is increasing and becoming more complex along with his social and emotional skills.

What you need to know:

You will be happy to see that your son no longer likes to play alone. He is beginning to make friends with other kids and has even started to bring them home. Sharing, taking turns and cooperating with other kids are all starting to reflect in his behavior. Being tolerant and patient than he used to be, helps in the concept of sharing. He will enjoy sharing his toys and snacks with his friends. Though he may share most of his toys, sharing his favorite one may still be hard for him which may give rise to conflicts at school or home. The good part is that most of the conflicts get resolved on their own without adult intervention. 

Sharing is an important life skill. It helps your child develop good relationship with others. If your kid does not share his things, give plenty of opportunities to practice. Play games with him that includes sharing and taking turns. You can also help your child practice when he is out playing with other kids. Praise and encourage him whenever he shares and behaves nicely.

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