Your Kid Will Still Prefer Structured Activities Over Open Ended Experiences

Structured learning activities have set rules and directions while open ended activities allow your child to explore his creativity and imagination. For instance, floor puzzles is a structured activity while creative writing projects, art projects, role play come under open ended activities.

Your child still prefers structured activities than open ended experiences. A blend of both types of experiences will help him acquire multitude of skills.

Your Kid Will Still Prefer Structured Activities Over Open Ended Experiences

What you need to know

Your child is eager to try new experiences and do them independently. However, he will will ask for inputs from adults and ask questions to check whether he is executing the task properly or not. 

Open ended experiences enhances your child’s imagination, creativity and intelligence. As he plays with open ended materials, he understands there are limitless possibilities to the same. For instance, molding clay. While playing with peers, these activities make way for interaction, problem solving, empathy, cooperation and learning other social skills too. 




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