Your Kiddo Can Be Quite Fussy With Brushing Teeth

Your Kiddo Can Be Quite Fussy With Brushing Teeth
7y to 8y

By this age, your child can brush his teeth independently. But they can also be quite fussy with this routine and may say, "Mom, I don't want to brush my teeth!" If it’s a struggle to get your child to brush, there are various ways in which you can get him excited about brushing his teeth.

What you can do

Provide a fun tooth brush which has either a Disney character or dinosaur printed on them. You can also take him to the store and get him to pick his toothbrush. If your child does not want to brush before going to bed, set a reward system like, “If you brush your teeth twice daily for 30 days, you win a pizza treat."

You can teach your child the importance of developing good oral care habits by reading books like- "Barney Goes to the Dentist", "Barney, One day at the Dentist" etc. This way your child will understand the significance of brushing teeth and will try to do it on his own. Another ideal way to get your child to brush his teeth is to lead by example. Show your child why brushing is important and the benefit of a bright, healthy smile. With patience and persistence, guide your child to inculcate the habit of healthy oral care.

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