Your Kiddo Can Handle Some More Responsibilities Now- CHORES!

Your Kiddo Can Handle Some More Responsibilities Now- CHORES!
Self Regulation

Your kiddo can now handle regular chores around the house and this will help them to learn to be responsible and independent. You can start with simple chores in the beginning. Note that when they are interested and have a feeling that they are contributing to the household, then they will continue doing the work, else they will get distracted and quit. Make the task simple by breaking it into steps. Also note that regularity will help them to follow the routine and help them to complete it.

What you need to know
Some chores you can think of providing your 7-8 year old are – clearing their plates after lunch, bringing in the mail, helping parents with household chores, entertaining younger siblings for a short period of time etc. But ensure you make them aware of your expectations in each task so they have a goal on what needs to be accomplished to get your encouragement and recognition for completing it.

However tempting it is to correct them if something goes wrong, do not do it on your own or expect perfection, but rather help them to do it in a better way. If there are 2 kids, try to swap their tasks so that they do not get bored of the same tasks; this also helps them to realise their sibling’s effort in the activity.