Your Kiddo Can Hop On Both Feet Separately Now

At this stage, your child may hop on both feet separately. This require bilateral coordination, balance and concentration so this fun act enhances your kid's gross motor skills. Hoping is a fantastic way to work on physical as well as mental strength.

What you need to know:

Hopping is a springing action that involves taking off from one foot and landing on another one. It involves dynamic balance. Children develop this technique by practicing it through various games and activities. It enhances gross motor skills as hopping is a component of many fundamental skills like skipping, balancing, kicking etc. You can help your kid by starting through curb hopping and then gradually switch to leap frogging. Encourage your child on her every effort, don’t compare her with other children. This will boost her confidence and she will keep trying.

Your Kiddo Can Hop On Both Feet Separately Now

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