Your Kiddo Can Now Carry Out Simple Multiplication

Your Kiddo Can Now Carry Out Simple Multiplication
Arithmetic Skills

By now your child knows addition and subtraction and will be moving to multiplications. Multiplication will be taught to him as repeated addition and he would be able to solve simple multiplications easily. Your child will also start learning the tables now. Although he might still not be using the tables in solving the multiplication sums but he will begin to understand the concept of tables. Regular practice would be essential at this time so that the concepts can get the required clarity.

What you need to know

Most kids this age have a keen understanding of numbers but real life situations and objects are important for them to understand the concepts. Use things lying around the house to practice his math skills. Do not discourage or reprimand your child in case he takes time to understand the concepts. A lifelong love for numbers will start to form now and your approach will be the key to that.

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