Your Kiddo Can Now Do Movements Like Somersault

Your Kiddo Can Now Do Movements Like Somersault
Gross motor
Muscle Strength

At this stage you will observe that apart from your kid's social, mental and verbal skills his physical development has also taken a big leap. He will be now more active at home and school.

What you need to know

At this point, there is a refined coordination of large and small muscles. Your kiddo's gross motor skills are improving and he is able to combine his motor skills while doing activities like running and hitting the ball at the same time. You will wonder in amazement as you see him jumping from one object to another without falling and having no fear of heights. Skipping, hopping and also doing somersaults are also some of the activities he will start displaying. Doing somersaults both backwards and forwards with confidence is all part of him testing his muscle strength and skills.

All children do not develop at the same pace, physically. So don’t worry if your child is not able to accomplish some these tasks. Also try to avoid comparing him to other kids as that will make him lose his confidence. If he is not able to do so despite trying, encourage him and provide him with ample opportunities to be physically active daily.

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